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October 09, 2023

Safe Stair Treads with Roman Stepnosing Ceramic Tiles

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Did you know that Roman offers specialized ceramic tiles for stair edge coverings called Stepnosing Tiles? With innovative design features on their surface, these ceramic tiles can provide added safety and comfort on stair treads.

Each piece of Stepnosing for stairs features grooves to provide anti-slip features, ensuring that those stepping on the stairs are less likely to slip or fall.

Additionally, the edges or corners of the stair treads are designed to be rounded in a quarter-circle shape (bullnose) to prevent sharp edges.

In the manufacturing process at the factory, grooves and bullnose are molded, glazed, and then fired to become the finished Stepnosing product.

There are two sizes of Stepnosing Tiles available: 10×30 cm and 10×20 cm. The 10×30 cm Stepnosing comes in three variants: Beige, Grey, and White. Meanwhile, the 10×20 cm Stepnosing has six variants: Beige, Grey, White, Graniti Corn, Graniti Caramel, and Graniti Smoke.

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Roman Stepnosing is commonly used in emergency staircases in office buildings, commercial buildings, and other public structures.

keramik stepnosing Roman
keramik stepnosing Roman

Stepnosing Beige 10×30 cm (Roman)

Installation of Stepnosing on Stairs

Installing Roman Stepnosing is quite straightforward. Attach the Stepnosing ceramic tiles to the edge of the stairs by pressing them evenly using the appropriate cement mixture or instant cement. Ensure that the tiles adhere securely. Repeat this process for each stair tread.

It is recommended to install other ceramic tiles on the surface of the stairs after installing the Stepnosing. This way, you can ensure that the tiles and Stepnosing align neatly. After the adhesive has dried, fill the gaps between the tiles with the appropriate grout color.

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Roman Stepnosing products can be paired with various floor ceramic collections from Roman, such as Vivaz 30×30 cm and Graniti 30×30 cm, which have a matte surface finish. They can also be combined with Roman ceramic tiles sized 40×40 cm. Remember to choose ceramic tiles with a matte or structured surface finish to prevent slipping.

You can find Roman Stepnosing Tile products at the nearest House of Roman showroom in your city. Roman products can also be found in the Roman marketing network spread throughout Indonesia.

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