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December 29, 2022

3 Effective Ways to Protect Our Loved One to Stay Healthy During Covid Pandemic

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In the midst of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the efforts to protect the health of all family members is one of the most important. The important parts in the house that is in direct contact with our bodies must be sterilized from bacteria, germs or viruses, this will promote the well-being of the family member. This topic was discussed in our IG Live program Talk with Romantitled ”Protect our Family in The Pandemic Era” which was held on Friday, January 28, 2022.

This IG Live event presented three speakers; FirdaAtikah (Home Organizing & Cleaning Enthusiast), dr.Enty, Sp. MK (K) (Head of the Department of Microbiology, Faculty of Medicine Atmajaya University and Clinical Microbiologist from MedBio) and Joni Hartono (Head of R&D Laboratory FT Roman Ceramics).

What are the effective ways to protect families in the midst of a pandemic? The following is the main core of the discussion guided by FricillaIgnatia(host). This event was attended by participants from various background such as students, home organizing lovers.

1.  Regularly Clean The House

Firda shared about how to protect family in the era of pandemic. Firda and her husband are arguably people who are addicted to tidy up and clean their home. The reason is simple, they want to have a home that is always comfortable tolive in and keep the family healthy.

Moreover, this couple are allergic to dust. This makes them feel the need to clean the house more frequent. Firda’s activities in organizing and cleaning the house are shared on her Instagram account @tapforhome. “Regarless of its size, a comfortable house is number one,” said Firda.

The home cleaning activities were further enhanced when the pandemic came. Work from home (WFH) makes them more active inside the house. Hence to keep the house always clean. After the office implemented work from office (WFO), Firda and her husband continued to protect themselves so they won’t carry viruses from outside that could be transmitted to their young and unvaccinated children.

As for cleaning the house, Firda is a perfectionist. She has many variations of cleaning tools and materialsfor every room. “How come there are so many cleaning tools? It is specified for some areawhere we never know whether there is bacteria or not, and we make sure it doesn’t spread,” said Firda.

According to dr.Enty, Sp. MK (K), Pandemic has made many people more active at home because some offices still operate WFH system. Thus, household hygiene is very important and should get more attention. Cleanliness of surfaces that often come into contact with hands or human skin such as laptops, tables and floors must always be maintained. This is very important because it can affect the health of all family members.

Meanwhile, microorganisms such as germs, bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites on table surfaces, walls and floors are not always visible unless observed with specific tool such as microscope. If you have a direct contact with a contaminated or dirty surface, your hands should not touch the eye, nose and mouth area. “All these efforts are to minimize the risk of us being infected from microorganisms on the surface, including the floor,” said dr.Enty Sp. MK (K).

2. Increase Immune System

In addition to keep the house area clean, pay attention to internal parts of our bodies in order to be able to fight any potential health problems during the pandemic. Firda and her husband are diligently taking multivitamins. With increased immunity, Firda can reduce the risk of being exposed to bacteria or viruses and not spread them to other family members.

According todr.Enty, Sp. MK (K), there are two types of harmful bacteria that are most often found; Staphylococcus Aureus and Escherichia Coli. When these bacteria enter our body system, then we can only rely on the body’s resistance or immunity which is different for each person.

“For example, my child is playing on the floor. Children are hard to tell, they have been told to wash their hands first before they eat, but often when there is already food on the table, they will soon eat it. So we have to prevent two things, our floors are clean and also to increase our children’s immunity,” she said.

Body’s immunity can be improved in various ways, such as eating nutritious foods,

taking supplements and exercising regularly. If our immune system is good, the body can fight the virus that causes disease. As a result, your desire to have a healthy family will be more easily achieved.

3. Using Anti-bacterial Materials Inside the House

Family protection in the pandemic era will be more optimal if we use building materials that contain anti-bacterial. Anti-bacterial material can be applied to the parts that have most a direct contact with human body, especially the floor. But are there any floor coating products that have anti-bacterial properties?

Don’t worry, now you can protect the whole family with an anti-bacterial flooring product from RomanGranit called Fitmood. Fitmood flooring has been proven to be effective in killing bacteria and other harmful microorganisms on the floor.

“Fitmood’s ability to kill bacteria is obtained from the Nano Silver particles that are on the top layer of the granite’s tile,” said Head of RND Laboratory FT PT SatyarayaKeramindoindah, Joni Hartono.

Fitmood’s ability to kill bacteria has been tested in laboratories both in Indonesia and abroad. In Indonesia, laboratory test results and certification are obtained from Atmajaya University. Meanwhile, from abroad, certification was obtained from the SGS laboratory in Singapore and LaboratioAnayco, Malaga, Spain.

The test was carried out by placing Staphylococcus Aureus and Escherichia Coli onFitmood’s surface. As a result, Fitmood’s Silver Ion technology is proven to be able to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria and microbes.

“We tested both bacteria, we put them inFitmood’s surfaces, and we put them on non-Fitmood ceramics. Then we put them in incubation period and we reviewed. The bacterial growth is very low on Fitmood granite tiles, we calculate it by quantitative testing, until we reach a 99.9% reduction rate, “explained Dr.Enty, Sp. MK (K) who led the testing at the Atmajaya Unika laboratory.

The test was carried out by placing Staphylococcus Aureus and Escherichia Coli onFitmood’s surface. As a result, Fitmood’s Silver Ion technology is proven to be able to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria and microbes.

Nano Silver has a resistor effect on bacterial growth or an oligodynamic effect. With the advantages of Fitmood, Dr.Enty, Sp. MK (K) assessed that the additional features on the floor can help protect families in the midst of a pandemic so that the floor is always clean and free from micro-organisms that can cause disease. “But no matter how great the anti-bacterial product from granite tile is, it’s better not toexcludethe regular cleaning activities such as mopping,” he reminded.

Fitmood can be used for indoor and outdoor floors. This granite tile with matte surface can also be applied to the bathroom. For its application, Fitmood does not require special care.

To create a healthy family with RomanGranitFitmood, you can come directly to the House of Roman in the nearest city. RomanGranitFitMood tile products in 60 x 60 cm are available in 7 variations; Iceberg White, dCalcite Bone, dCervinia Bianco, dKalmar Bianco, dVisby Natural, dLinosa Cream and dLinosa Grey. You can view Fitmood’sRomanGranit collection here.

You can see the full IG Live video “Protect Our Family in the Pandemic Era”at @Roman.co.id Instagram account. Don’t forget to follow and get other interesting informations from RomanGranit. Hope it’s useful!

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