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The latest categories of big size tiles.

Grande is the RomanGranit collection of big sizes. The three available formats allow a visual effect of continuity to design prestigious seamless surfaces. Extremely versatile, Grande opens up new perspectives in residential and commercial spaces.

Unique features.

Flat surface

Made with the most advanced ceramic technology, Grande surfaces are perfectly flat and uniform. They can be used in both residential and commercial areas to create a luxury environment.

Big size.

Grande tiles combine refined aesthetics with high technical performance. They allow a wide range of creative solutions, to design continuous surfaces that broaden perspectives.

Solutions for high class applications.

The rectangular shape creates an elegant texture on floors and walls.

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The square shape creates a prestigious floor in high-class ambiences.

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The polished glossy finish adds an ultra-shiny effect to the surface.

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Find the surface that best suits your design needs by browsing all Grande looks and broaden your perspectives with a unique range of products.

A premium selection.

Grande redefines trends of modern living with glazed porcelain surfaces for both interior and exterior environments.

Ultimate technology.

Digital Tecnica

The advanced decoration technology reproduces in detail all natural materials that inspire RomanGranit collections: marble, wood and stone.

Rectification system

RomanGranit's products are all rectified. Their smooth edges allow installation with minimum joints.

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