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  • Olwen
  • 80x80
  • Glossy

In response to market demand, RomanGranit has launched a collection in the legendary white color. Olwen Bianco complements the existing white collection, such as the Olvera Bright 60×60 cm. This time, Olwen is present in the Grande 80×80 cm size format which is currently in great demand by many people.

Enjoy the beauty of the distinctive Roman white color with a perfect gloss finish. The Olwen application on the residential floor will present luxury as well as the effect of a spacious, bright and clean room. This collection can be applied to residential or commercial residences such as hotels, malls, restaurants, cafes or offices.

  • GT809196FR
  • Olwen Bianco
  • 80x80
  • Shade variation
  • Slip resistance
  • PEI Rating
  • Design faces
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