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April 01, 2022

6 Lobby Designs to Astonish Your Customers

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When customers or guests enter a building, the lobby creates their first impression. Therefore, an attractive design and maximized comfort is needed to create an astounding impression of a lobby.

A lot of idle time can happen in lobbies because it is where customers receive information and/or other services. This also explains why there is an abundance of furniture such as coffee tables, couches, and chairs in the vicinity. 

Commercial buildings such as hotels, apartments, offices, and hospitals will almost always have a lobby. Keep on reading to discover inspirational, beautiful lobby designs to leave your customers in awe!

Minimalistic, nature-esque lobby

RomanGranit_dFosdinovo_Perla_RG60x60 Lobby
dFosdinovo Perla 60×60 cm

The design above beautifully represents the line where minimalistic meets nature. Gray and white reigns the color scheme while a touch of fresh green from the vertical garden creates the lively impression. 

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dFosdinovo, a natural stone-looking tile, complements both the minimalistic look and the nature-esque atmosphere. It has natural strokes which emit a gloss effect to provide a contrast to its overall matt surface finish, captivating customer’s attention. 

Adorable earth tone concept

dVeneti Grigio 60×60 cm

Many individuals adore earth tone palettes because of its intense yet cozy mood. Colors such as beige, sand, and cream goes extremely well with the gray variant of dVeneti Grigio. 

This glazed porcelain tile adopts the infamous terrazzo pattern with gloss effect on its individual flakes. Ideal for contemporary and industrial style, a sprinkle of wooden finish on one side will empower its natural feel. 

Playing with optical illusion

dMortelo Bone 60×60 cm

The braided style of wooden boards creates an eye-catching, illusion-esque wall tiling. Combined with the neutral-coloured natural stone shade of dMortelo Bone, the uniqueness of the furniture and bold decorations truly stands out. 

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Prestigious wavy sands concept

dKanopolis Black 80×80 cm

In this modern minimalistic lobby concept, the layered surface of the walls creates a dynamic atmosphere around the space. The concept revolves around portraying the gentle wind blowing on soft sand, and indirect lightning bouncing off the walls to add drama. To complete this design, the black variant of dKanopolis has a granulated sand pattern, a perfect choice for the theme. 

Bookmatch tiling 

RomanGranit_dStatuario_Specchio_Grande100x100 bookmatch
dStatuario Specchio 100×100 cm

Many hotel lobbies utilize full-height glass windows with couches and tables, but nothing more. The more minimalistic the design is, the spacier and cozier a lobby is. 

To contrast the vast space, the bookmatched dStatuario Specchio pattern creates wide, recurring patterns on the floor. A balanced nuance is important to produce a captivating interior.

Timeless classical design

dVisconti Avorio 120×60 cm

When it comes to classical lobbies, wooden materials for ceiling and cabinets is one of the many design choices. Gray-ish brown colors are perfect to match. With the beige marble variant of dVisconti Avorio, the gloss surface finish creates the overall timeless effect. 

A captivating lobby design will produce a positive outlook on customers and guests. Let the vast collection of RomanGranit tiles adorn your lobbies. 

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