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August 30, 2023

Roman Launches 9 Wall Tile Revamp Collections

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Roman has further solidified its reputation by launching its latest collection, Wall Tile Revamp, in August 2023. Carrying the tagline “Revamp: lighter, prettier, affordable,” the collection offers tiles that are lighter, aesthetically pleasing, and affordably priced.

Roman, already known as a market leader for premium ceramic tiles adhering to ISO 13006 standards, always features wall tiles with luxurious design and impeccable shine. Moreover, Roman’s expertise in creating patterns and textures of decorative ceramics makes it the choice of interior designers looking to create an atmosphere of luxury and class.

One innovation in the Wall Tile Revamp collection is its lighter weight without sacrificing quality, making it easier to transport and install while reducing the load on building structures.

The double firing technology ensures durable ceramics with a perfect sheen. The design and color presentation is also vivid and natural, thanks to Digital Tecnica technology. Another advantage is the watermark-free glaze formula to prevent stains or watermarks that often reduce the aesthetic quality of the tile.

Roman introduces nine variants in the Wall Tile Revamp collection: dCopenhagen, dVenato, dBorghini, dBeige, dDanby, dSintra, dSicily, dVolakas, and dEtincelle. All variants come in the size of 30×60 cm, with options for base tile and textured decorative tile, except for dEtincelle, which only offers base tile.

For fans of white marble, dBorghini and dVenato offer distinct elegance. dBorghini is inspired by Italian white marble, featuring a combination of gray and gold veins, while dVenato showcases thin gray veins.

As for dBelge, it offers an option for black marble enthusiasts, featuring contrasting gold and white veins. Meanwhile, dCopenhagen, dDanby, dSintra, dSicily, and dVolakas offer a variety of marble and stone motifs with grayish hues. For more diverse options, there is dEtincelle, which showcases a terrazzo concept with bright and attractive colors.


The arrival of Wall Tile Revamp provides a solution for building owners, architects, interior designers, and contractors who want lightweight wall tiles that still meet high-quality and aesthetic specifications. These wall tiles can be applied both horizontally and vertically in various interior spaces such as bathrooms, kitchens, fashion retail stores, reception areas, and more.

Roman is a domestic product brand with internationally recognized quality. This is evidenced by the export of RomanGranit products, which have reached 90 countries worldwide for over 35 years. Roman is also the only granite and ceramic tile brand from Indonesia that regularly participates in Cersaie – Italy, the world’s most prestigious ceramic exhibition.

Founded in the 1970s, Roman manufactures granite and ceramic tiles in factories located in Balaraja Tangerang and Mojokerto East Java. Roman creates the highest quality products that set the benchmark in today’s market.

Find the latest and most complete Roman collection at the nearest House of Roman showroom in your city. Roman products can also be found in marketing networks throughout Indonesia. For information, visit the website www.roman.co.id!

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