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January 22, 2022

Fashion Retail Store Design Inspiration

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Shopping activities are part of our daily lives. Whether to procure basic needs or to fulfill desires for some, shopping is diverting feelings from anxiety and improving the mood.

Although online shopping is on the rise, traditional offline shopping still very popular. The ever technology has changed the behavior of how consumers do shopping. Now, a person can simply access online apps in their own gadget. Especially during the pandemic like COVID-19.

This pleasure of shopping activity cannot be replaced by online stores, consumer still need to see, touch and feel the products they intend to purchase.

For shoppers, the design, mood and look of retail outlet is important, whether or not it attracts curiousity and creates comfort for shopping.

Determining the interior design of the store is as important as the product being sold. So the concept and feel that you present in the store is imperative. For example, shoes and clothes. These fashion products have various types, functions, and styles. So that each type determine the interior design concept. Herewith are some of the following fashion retail store design inspirations!

1. Sports Shoe Store Design

dFosdinovo Grigio 60x60cm

Determining the concept of interior design can be started by looking at how and who the target buyers are. Like the sports shoe store below, which targeted sportive and physical oriented customer, a simple design with neutral color materials such as the selection of dFosdinovo granite tiles is suitable to represent the character of sportsmanship.

2. Women’s Shoe Store Design

Calacatta 60x30cm

For feminin and soft themed shoe store outlet, you can give a white feel to the store interior design. Combine the luxurious look of the marble inspired design the Calacatta granite tiles as below and don’t forget to pay attention to the lighting to sweeten your shop even more.

3. Women’s Fashion Store Design with Earthy Tone shades

In choosing an interior design concept, you can also consider in advance what kind of model or product concept that will be offered to visitors. If you have fashion products such as clothes, women’s shoe bags dominated by earth tone colors, then you can also harmonize your interior design by choosing its matching colors. Earth tone colors such as pastel, light brown, dark green, orange brown or beige can enhance the store atmosphere.

dDayton Beige 60x60cm

4. Women’s Fashion Store design with Monochrome Concept

The dominant black and white nuances in the products in this store require a touch of neutral colors so that visitors can focus on the products. dBrescia accents the floor and still in harmony with the concept of the space.

dBrescia Oro 60x60cm

5. Luxurious Women’s Clothing Store design with a Luxury Concept

Products needs to be presented in elegant and classy gold nuances. The gold nuance appears as an accent on the display material combined with yellow lighting that will bring out its luster. On the floor, neutral cream color granite tiles are used to complement the ambience.

Crema Classic 60x30cm

Have you already got an idea how to design your retail store attractively? Don’t worry realize your design with RomanGranit! Visit one of our House of Roman which located throughout the main cities in Indonesia.

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