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Step Tile dTravertine

Step Tile dTravertine

  • Step Tile dTravertine
  • StepTile
  • 120x30

Now RomanGranit comes with an extra large size of 120×60 cm. dTravertine is a classic luxury marble type that is always used to create contemporary modern concepts. With Digital Tecnica technology, dTravertine has designs that vary between chips. dTravertine which has a smooth surface (satin matt), is available in 2 choices of natural light and dark color combinations: GT1262000R dTravertine Crema and GT1220001R dTravertine Noce. With dTravertine, the interior will look luxurious and elegant. This collection is very suitable to be applied to walls and floors, in large areas both residential and commercial such as lobbies, shops, restaurants, lounges, etc.

  • BGTB2001
  • Step Tile dTravertine Noce
  • 120x30
  • Shade variation
  • Design faces

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