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Step Tile dConcreto

Step Tile dConcreto

  • Step Tile dConcreto
  • StepTile
  • 120x30

Inspired by cement, RomanGranit presents dConcreto with a smooth surface that is suitable for interior use. Having an extra large size, Concreto is available in 2 choices of gray and crema. For gray, there are 3 tonality options: GT1262002R dConcreto Perla (light grey), GT1262003R dConcreto Grigio (med grey), and GT1262004R dConcreto Charcoal (dark grey). As for the beige version, there are 2 tonality combinations: GT1262005R dConcreto Avorio (light beige) and GT1262006R dConcreto Crema (dark beige). This collection is also equipped with modern geometric decorations that serve as accents to sweeten the room. Each piece of d├ęcor consists of 8 randomly designed geometric motifs. dConcreto is suitable to be applied to cafes, restaurants, boutiques, hotels, and other commercial areas with a modern minimalist theme.

  • BGTB2004
  • Step Tile dConcreto Charcoal
  • 120x30
  • Shade variation
  • Design faces

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