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Step Tile dCastanea

Step Tile dCastanea

  • Step Tile dCastanea
  • StepTile
  • 120x30

dCastanea which is produced with Digital Tecnica technology has a softer color range so as to create a comfortable and warm modern atmosphere. With a stronger wood grain character, dCastanea is available in 4 versions: GT1225500R pine, GT1225501R maple, GT1225502R beige, and GT1225503R antique. dCastanea has a structured surface and various color variations, making it suitable for application in semi-outdoor areas such as terraces and commercial areas such as cafes, boutiques, restaurants, etc.

  • BGTB5501
  • Step Tile dCastanea Maple
  • 120x30
  • Shade variation
  • Design faces

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